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Paul M.M. Cooper

Paul Cooper was born in South London and grew up in Cardiff, Wales. He was educated at the University of Warwick and the UEA, and after graduating he left for Sri Lanka to work as an English teacher, where he took time to explore the ruins both ancient and modern. He has worked as an archivist, editor and journalist. His first novel, River of Ink, was published in January 2016.


River of Ink

Immerse yourself in the history of Sri Lanka in RIVER OF INK: a tale of love and betrayal, power and poetry.

An extraordinary debut. Paul M.M. Cooper is writer of real talent. River of Ink is what historical fiction should be: immersive, illuminating and captivating.

- The Times

From his humble village beginnings, Asanka has risen to the prestigious position of court poet in the great island kingdom of Lanka, delighting in a life of ease. But when the ruthless invader Kalinga Magha violently usurps the throne, Asanka's world is changed beyond imagination. To his horror, the king tasks him with the translation of an epic poem designed to civilise his subjects and snuff out the fires of rebellion…

Asanka has always believed that poetry makes nothing happen, but as lines on the page become cries in the street he learns that true power lies not at the point of a sword, but in the tip of a pen.

Desk with Book

Potent, beautiful and wholly absorbing, Cooper's portrait of a reluctant revolutionary had me in thrall from its first chapter. A wonderful, memorable debut.

Madeline Miller, author of the Orange Prize-winning The Song of Achilles


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